On average, a second tweet gets 86% as many retweets and favourites as the first


Make your social posts
work harder

More views, more engagement

PostRecycler schedules random posts to go out to your social networks at different times ensuring that they are seen by the greatest number of people


Add your posts to PostRecycler just as you would to your favourite social networks.


Create a schedule and PostRecycler will randomly select a post to send to your networks.


Watch your audience increase and engagement rise as more people get to see your content.

Don’t be afraid of repeating your tweets, on average only 14% of your followers will see it twice.

Wisemetrics survey.

More networks, more coverage

Send your posts to multiple networks to get your message to more people


Send Tweets at times when your audience are there (available now).


Updates to your timeline and pages (coming soon).


Post to both your personal feed and company pages (coming sooner).

The 6th repeat of a tweet still gets 76% as many retweets and favourites as the first.

Wisemetrics survey.

Plans and Pricing

Whether you are a hobbyist, small business or an enterprise we have a plan for you.


$10 / Month

  • 1 Social Account
  • 10mb Storage
  • 7 Day Stats
  • Single User

Digital Marketeer

$100 / Month

  • 5 Social Accounts
  • 50mb Storage
  • 30 Day Stats
  • Single User


$500 / Month

  • Unlimited Social Accounts
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Stats
  • Multiple Users

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